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Seamless Gutter Installer in Genesee County Michigan.

Seamless Gutters or sometimes known as Continuous Gutters are gutters without any seams.  The lack of seams helps prevent leaks and makes your gutters significantly stronger.  Continuous Gutters also help make your home look better because they form on straight, seamless edge along the edge of your roof.

A Better Roof For Less custom builds seamless gutter systems for your home or building.  After inspecting your roof edges, and existing gutters (if you have them), we’ll then take detailed measurements of your roof edges.  Once we’ve got all of the information we need, and we know everything we need to about your installation we’ll get to work fabricating your new seamless gutters.

We Make Continuous Gutters Out Of:

Aluminum:  Aluminum continuous gutters are light weight, durable and won’t ever rust out on you.  Usually they are painted to prevent oxidation of the Aluminum.

Galvanized Steel: Galvanized seamless gutters are another good choice.  They are stronger than Aluminum gutters but the trade off is that Galvanized steel gutters can rust.  Especially around holes drilled for installations, seams, or anywhere that the bare metal is exposed.  Galvanized steel gutters are also slightly more expensive than Aluminum gutters.

When Gutters Meet Fascia

One of the issues we run into quite frequently when installing gutters on Michigan homes is that their drip edges (flashing on fascia to prevent water from getting between fascia and gutters) do not stick out far enough.  This causes a problem when the water gets behind the fascia and actually rots it out.  On many of our gutter jobs we end up having to make additional flashing for the homeowner to fix this issue.  It’s a small detail that makes a big difference when protecting your home from preventable water damage.

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