About A Better Roof For Less

“Our ideals and beliefs are an integral part of this company. We were raised on the Golden Rules as children and we operate that way to this day. We’re dedicated to providing not just a quality, problem free installation, but one that also meets the budgetary needs of our customer. Your satisfaction now, and in the years to come, is what drives and sustains us, so you can rest assured your home is in good company.”

For nearly twenty years, A Better Roof For Less! has built a solid reputation as Genesee County’s most trusted residential roofing contractor. Owner and lead craftsman Delbert Reynolds believes that a reputation as an honest and reliable business is the recipe for success.

“I started my roofing career nearly twenty years ago, installing for various big name roofing companies throughout Genesee and Oakland Counties. During this time it became increasingly clear to me how the residential roofing industry really worked; shifty high-pressure salesmen pushing unneeded high dollar upgrades followed by unscrupulous or inexperienced installers. Those who had no loyalty to the homeowner and couldn’t care less about the health of your roof after payday, let alone next year or the decades to follow. This was an unfortunate reality then and it still happens all too often today.

Let’s face it, the majority of homeowners are not going to go up on the roof and actually inspect the roof for proper and complete installation. And even if they did, would they know what to look for?

Knowing there was a better way, coupled with my inability to follow status quo, I began to design a unique roofing experience for our future clients.

This experience needed to be informative and address each of the 5 critical elements that a worry free roof require, but in a way the average non- roofer could relate to. Secondly, it needed to be executed well. From site preparation to the install and on through final clean up, everything had to have a standard, which must be met.

And finally, one person needed to be responsible and accountable for all aspects of the process. From the onset, it’s critical that the person quoting you a new roof is the person installing your new roof. And it’s equally important that the person installing the roof is the person guaranteeing the roof, just as the person guaranteeing the roof is the person quoting the roof. That one person is me.”

Del Reynolds



-Delbert Reynolds, owner